On-Camera Mammogram

I turned 40 last year.  The words that almost every woman dreads came from my doctor’s lips, “Time for your mammogram.”  I had heard the horror stories, by the way.  What woman doesn’t?  I remember vividly the first time I heard The Mammogram Poem. I cringed.  Reluctantly, I went.  Yes, I was squished.  Yes, it was uncomfortable, but…but…surprisingly, it wasn’t near as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I was in and out of the examination room in less than 10 minutes.  I practically skipped out of the building.  Yes, a 40 year old…skipping.

This year, when October came around and those pink ribbons started popping up for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought, what better way to raise awareness than to bring a camera into the examination room and film a mammogram?  My mammogram.

The segment was promoted heavily through the local media.  Here’s an interview with Brad and John from 92.9 FM KISM’s Morning Show:

It was also picked up by KGMI and KAFE.  It really was wonderful to see the local media talk about this.  My hope was that in getting more people to watch this segment, fears of this procedure would be calmed and more women would make a point to schedule their own mammogram.

Here’s how it turned out:

Deb’s Mammogram from deb slater on Vimeo.