Magic the Gathering: Pro Tour Honolulu

It’s always great to see the Wizards of the Coast crew again.  The locations are exotic and the work is long and hard, and to reconnect with the guys on the crew is always a lot of fun.  This time ’round, we were in Honolulu.  Tough job, I know.

We are excited to see habits forming with the viewership of our Tournament Center updates, shot and produced on site and quickly uploaded to Wizards YouTube account. Magic players from all over the world can’t wait to watch the next “Deck Tech” or “Day Wrap Up.”

We also were fortunate to travel to the North Shore to check out a house that a handful of Magic players rented just for this tournament.  After a day of shooting interviews and b roll, this is the final product. And, as you can see, it’s very, very difficult work…

beach 2