“In Bellingham”

The City of Bellingham has asked me to produce and host short news-type segments. Here is the first of hopefully many.

Location: Squalicum Creek Park, Bellingham
Role: Producer/Host

Another Pro Tour

Another Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour. This time, it’s Shadows Over Innistrad in Madrid, Spain. Segment producer, floor director and consumer of tons of jamón ibérico. Thumbs up!

Gen Con!

GenConMy work with Magic the Gathering and Wizards of the Coast has taken me to many places over the years…and now, I can add Indianapolis to the list. Wait, not just Indianapolis, but Gen Con!

Gen Con is one of the largest and most prominent annual gaming conventions in North America. Tens of thousands of self professed gamers come to Indianapolis from all over the world to engage in a variety of tournaments and interactive games, from card games to board games to live action role-playing games and a whole lot more.

For this show, I will be supporting the video coverage of the Magic the Gathering tournament, involving players from all over the world.  We will switch between two studios streaming live coverage via the internet.

Not being a gamer, some of this is lost on me.  But one cannot deny the dedication of many of these players. For many of them, it’s not just a hobby, but a lifestyle.  And I’m thankful to them for making it possible for me to yet again experience something I never thought I would: Gen Con Indy.